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For the past 5 months, coronavirus pandemic has disrupted every sector of the Nigerian economy especially the educational system.

Children have been home for the past months, all in the bid to protect them from getting infected by the coronavirus.

In few weeks, children will be returning back to school but under strict guidelines and provision for their health and well-being amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Children are vulnerable and thus must be provided with all the protection against coronavirus.

The steps laid down by the government include the fumigation of school premises by recommended agencies of government, making available hand washing and sanitizing stations at strategic locations, checking the temperature of students at the points of entry, and placing visual reminders of safety procedures including wearing of face masks.

Parents of many children in public schools may not be able to provide these protective needs such as face masks, hand sanitizers for their children giving the current state of the economy.

Understanding this urgent need, Chinwe Nnagbo Foundation is launching a project titled “WASHcareProject” to provide hand sanitizers and hand washing stations for 1000 students and schools in Oyo State, Nigeria by September 28, 2020.

We are asking for your support to provide these safety needs for our students to protect them against the coronavirus as they resume.

To support us, reach us on : 0702 063 8116 |

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