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Chinwe Nnagbo Foundation (CNF) is a Non-profit organisation dedicated to providing free healthcare and better opportunities to improve the quality of live of the needy.


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Our Project Categories

Food Relief Project

Food is a basic need and should be accessible and available to every Nigerian.
We envisage a nation free of hunger and have access to quality and nutritious food at all times.

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Medical and Dental Outreach

Improving the Oral health of Nigerians is of utmost importance to us at CNF.
We are ensuring the actualization of this through community-based medical and dental outreach programs which we believe play a very crucial role in declining discovery-delivery disconnect by introducing awareness through health education and dental adumbrating services to members in underserved communities.

Health, according to WHO, is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent and this is a one of our mandates at CNF.

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Social Awareness

As a not-for-profit organization, we work with diverse groups, culture, backgrounds and understand the concept and integration of family, school and community support in all our projects.

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Sports Development

Involving youths in sports have been found to contribute to their social, personal development, provides benefits for socio-emotional development, helps to identity work, character building, and moral development, including the expression of values and sportsmanship behaviors.

These, we believe in at CNF and we are working to explore this path to help Nigerian youth actualize their dreams while contributing to the country’s growth.

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Educational Development

One of our goals at Chinwe Nnagbo Foundation is to contribute to developing Nigeria’s educational sector through innovative projects that will positively impact the lives of Nigerian students at all levels.

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Gender-based Violence

Gender-based violence is one of the most terrifying illustrations of inequality between male and female with women often more at risk from violence than men in all sectors of the society.

Marriage in Africa particularly Nigeria is often seen as a prized trophy, and there is strong cultural stigma around reporting violence.

Domestic violence is a serious problem, with one national demographic and health survey finding that close to a third of all of Nigerian women have experienced physical violence, which encompasses battery, marital rape and murder, at the hands of their intimate partners.

To protect our women from any form of abuse, all hands must be on deck and thus Chinwe Nnagbo Foundation (CNF) has a vision to provide a safe house where counseling services and adequate protection will be accessible and available to women who are experiencing or have, at any time, experienced any form of violence.

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